Easy Touch, a small menu which can be accessed from anywhere

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In Android I like to always have a few applications and a few adjustments. Until recently I had to settle for the quick adjustments of the notification bar. With the arrival of Jelly Bean 4.2, I’m enjoying and appreciating increasingly user panel Quick Settings, but still no quick access to applications.



Easy Touch

Easy Touch is an application that aims to solve this problem by adding a simple button on our screen. We can place this button 1 × 1 in any part of your screen (recommended the corners) and pressing it will have 8 shortcuts for us.

We can do many things:

  • Add applications
  • Go to the home screen
  • Lock Screen
  • Recent Open
  • Clean RAM
  • Changing settings (brightness, hue, bluetooth, wifi, gps, apn, auto-rotation, airplane mode, flashlight and volume)


In short, we can control almost all our phone and access your favorite applications in a single click from anywhere in the phone. In addition, the application is completely free, so it’s worth checking out and test it.

Download Easy Touch for Android

Uninstall the application

To uninstall the application to do a preliminary step which is explained on page of Google Play but that few people read.Just have to go to Settings -> Location & Security -> Device Manager -> Cancels Easy Touch . Then you can uninstall and like any other application.


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